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  Programming Flex 2


Programming Flex 2 discusses the Flex framework in context. The authors introduce features with practical and useful examples that tell the reader not only how, but also the reasons why to use a particular feature, when to use it, and when not to. This book is written for development professionals. While the book does not assume the audience has worked with Flash technologies previously, readers will benefit from the book most if they have previously built web-based, n-tiered applications.


This book does take you through the steps to create rich Internet Applications using Adobe's Flex 2. It contains several examples of whatcan be done although they are quite basic. Having said that, the basic examples do give you a good starting point for many of the common tasks that you can and will do while using Flex 2.

The information is very well written and easy to follow if you take your time with the examples. I really would have liked more screenshots in the book though. Particularily screenshots of the Flex 2 user interface as you go through the tasks rather than the end result screenshots of the browser application.

The book is also part of the Adobe Developer Library series.


This is the book that tempted me to get started using Flex 2. At first glance I found the info informative enough to make me want tocheck out Flex programming and have since purchased a copy of Flex 2. Perhaps we'll see a review of Flex in this magazine soon as well.

The price tag of $72 Canadian to me seems a bit steep if your just starting to get into Flex. But if you are a serious Flex developer, this price may be a bit more reasonable.

The biggest setback once again is the lack of user interface screenshots. More screenshots would have help this program score higher.

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O'Reilly Books
Review Date: 2007-05-28
Reviewer: Brad Lawryk
Rating: 8 out of 10
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